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Ginger Bryson-Harbin

About Me!

Hi! I'm Ginger, a crazy cat lady and special education teacher of over 26 years. My love for teaching was not a surprise to those that knew me - I had a mini-classroom full of stuffed animals that I taught as a child!

In all of my adventures from helping run a flower shop to NMT, I always found myself teaching.

When I left the classroom (well, even before that), I found myself wanting to help other teachers teach students things that really matter in life - like Life Skills, Money Skills, Functional Living Skills (High School Autism is my HEART!). When in the classroom, I had to create many of my resources because there was simply not a lot out there that was for students on an alternate curriculum - OR that was age appropriate AND had different levels of learning.

This is where my store comes in.... to share with you the things that my students loved in class. I have started expanding my shop to include Teacher Gear that is "friendly" for all shoppers - whether you are male, female or non-binary --- whether you wear a small or a 3x. I have always been big and HATED having to pay more for larger sizes or not being able to find the "cool teacher shirts" in my size SO I am sharing my cool teacher and fun resources with NO EXTRA COST, no matter the size!

Thank you for joining me on this wonderful journey!