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Counting Money: Clothing Store Life & Work Skills PLUS Task Cards / Worksheets L2

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Do your students struggle with counting money? The "Counting Money: Clothing Store Life and Work Skills PLUS Task Cards & Worksheets" unit is a great way to help students develop their skills in counting money. By combining the interactive simulation with task cards and worksheets, students can practice counting money in a variety of formats, reinforcing their understanding of dollar amounts and how to match prices to articles of clothing. This type of hands-on and interactive learning can be engaging and effective in helping students develop their money counting skills.

Have fun teaching your students Counting Money Skills with this Clothing Store themed money unit! This interactive unit contains interactive Google Slides, Offline Interactive .pdf, Task Cards, Game Cards for interactive play, Cut and Paste worksheets, AND 3 Editable Certificates of Completion (who doesn't love to be recognized for a job well done!)

This is an excellent resource for Middle or High School students with IEP Math or Money Goals, Transition to Work Students, or Elem students learning money skills. It is a great addition to any math/ supported employment program or math center. These activities can also support Transition Plans!

This interactive counting money math unit works great for virtual learning, whole group learning, small group learning, as well as for homework.


✤ 20 Google Slides Task Cards (with additional "correct/incorrect" cards", a title card, and 2 instructional cards with a "Congratulations" slide after each level

 20 Printable Task Cards for Small Group / Independent Learning (Color)

 20 Interactive OFFLINE (pdf format) Cards (with additional "correct/incorrect" cards", a title card, and 2 instructional cards with a "Congratulations" slide after each level (Total of 96 cards)

 10 Cut and Paste Worksheets

 Editable Congratulations Certificates

* 3 Different Designs in Editable Google Slides Format*

✤ 20 Matching Game Cards (Great for centers or small groups)


✤The Google Slides activity is BEST assigned/presented in PRESENT mode, as this allows the students to self-check their answer and keep practicing until they get it correct!

You MUST be able to access/download/save to a Google Drive.**

✤ To Print Task Cards: The Task Cards, as downloaded, are 1/2 page which are great for students that need a larger size. To print 4x6 index card sized task cards, select "2 pages per sheet". To print 3x5 index card sized task cards, select "4 pages per sheet". These are not designed to print directly to index card template paper. What has worked best for my students was to print to on heavy duty card stock and laminate.

✤Be sure to look at the Preview and Thumbnails to ensure this activity aligns with your students/curriculum. If you have any questions, please contact me HERE BEFORE purchasing any item in my store so I can ensure you are satisfied with your purchase.

You will get a ZIP (7MB) file