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Kitchen Tools: Identify, Count and 'Next Dollar Up' Money Skills + Task Cards

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Have fun teaching your students to become more financially literate with these Kitchen Tools Print and Digital Activities. In this unique set of activities, based on tools you would find in the kitchen, students identify and count money and extend learning by using the 'Next Dollar Up' method to calculate the perfect price accurately. Designed with a vision of strengthening vital life skills among students, this Money Math Unit promotes confidence and competence in making day-to-day transactions. The materials contained in this set are ideal to supplement classroom learning, enriching foundational math abilities, and financial independence.

Functional money skills such as counting and identifying money to make purchases are critical to successful daily living. This Kitchen Tools Money Unit reinforces these skills with progressively harder tasks beginning with matching dollar to dollar, progressing on to matching prices with dollars, and then using the next dollar up method to make a purchase. The currency is in US dollars from $1 to $10. There are 3 levels of learning with 10 cards per level!

This is an excellent resource for a range of students, from those with IEP Math or Money Goals to transition-to-work students and elementary students learning money skills. It is a great addition to any math/ supported employment program or math center. These activities can also support Transition Plans!

This comprehensive money math unit can also support transition plans and be used in a variety of learning settings, including virtual learning, whole-group learning, small-group learning, and homework.


30 Google Slides Task Cards (with additional "correct/incorrect" cards", a title card, and 2 instructional cards with a "Congratulations" slide after each level (Total of 96 cards)

*Level 1: Match the dollar amount to the dollar amount ($1.00 to $1.00)

*Level 2: Identify how many bills make up the dollar amount shown ($1.00 to a one-dollar bill)

*Level 3: The "next dollar up" method where students are given a price and they choose the next dollar up to make the purchase ($0.75 to choose a one dollar bill)

60 Printable Task Cards for Small Group / Independent Learning (30 Color Task Cards (10 per level) and 30 B&W Task Cards (10 per level)

30 Interactive OFFLINE (pdf format) Cards (with additional "correct/incorrect" cards", a title card, and 2 instructional cards with a "Congratulations" slide after each level (Total of 96 cards)


The Google Slides activity is BEST assigned/presented in PRESENT mode, as this allows the students to self-check their answer and keep practicing until they get it correct!

**You MUST be able to access/download/save to a Google Drive.

To Print Task Cards: The Task Cards, as downloaded, are 1/2 page which are great for students that need a larger size. To print 4x6 index card-sized task cards, select "2 pages per sheet". To print 3x5 index card-sized task cards, select "4 pages per sheet". These are not designed to print directly to index card template paper. What has worked best for my students was to print on heavy-duty card stock and laminate.

Please review the Preview and Thumbnails to ensure this activity aligns with your students/curriculum. If you have any questions, please contact me HERE BEFORE purchasing any item in my store so I can ensure you are satisfied with your purchase.

You will get a ZIP (5MB) file