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Kitchen Tools Spelling and Vocabulary Literacy Worksheets: Spelling Scramble

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Get ready to help your students improve their kitchen tools vocabulary with the All-In-One Kitchen Tools Vocabulary Learning Bundle. This package provides everything you need to assist your students in identifying and spelling 30 different tools related to cooking and the kitchen. The bundle includes Sight Word Scramble Worksheets, which are available in both color and black and white, as well as word wall/flash cards. The task cards are divided into three levels, making them suitable for a variety of learners. The best part is that this bundle is a print-and-go resource, so you can use these fun and engaging activities without any time-consuming preparation.

The ability to identify letters, unscramble them to form words, and read basic sight or functional words are crucial skills for successful daily living. This resource offers 30 Black and White and 30 Color worksheets that are perfect for homeschooling parents, summer work packets, or as part of a larger curriculum for elementary school students. Additionally, we have included 30 word wall cards to reinforce vocabulary and provide visual aids for students.

Additionally, we've included 60 task cards in color (20 per level, 3 levels) and 60 task cards in black and white for easier printing (20 per level, 3 levels). These task cards can be used to create engaging activities that promote learning and retention of the concepts taught.

This resource is not just for traditional classroom settings; it is also useful for ELL/ESOL teachers, home school parents and special education teachers, making it a versatile and inclusive addition to any teaching program.

Kitchen Tools Sight Words Included:

cup pan pot bowl fork

oven board knife ladle glove

mixer plate scoop spoon stove

timer whisk grater kettle masher

muffin peeler blender griddle measure

spatula toaster crockpot scissors strainer


> 30 Color Worksheets

> 30 Black and White Worksheets

> Word Wall / Vocabulary Cards

> 3 Levels of Task Cards - (30 B&W & 30 Color Per Level)

Level 1 Task Cards: ID the letters and trace the vocab word

Level 2 Task Cards: ID letters & practice writing the vocab word.

Level 3 Task Cards: Write a sentence using the vocab word.

Downloading Instructions:

This is a ZIP FILE. If you are unsure how to extract files from a zip file, please CLICK HERE.

✴ To Print Task Cards: The Task Cards, as downloaded, are 1/2 page which are great for students that need a larger size. To print 4x6 index card-sized task cards, select "2 pages per sheet". To print 3x5 index card-sized task cards, select "4 pages per sheet". These are not designed to print directly to index card template paper. What has worked best for my students was to print on heavy-duty card stock and laminate.

Please review TOU before purchasing.

Be sure to look at the Preview and Thumbnails to ensure this activity aligns with your students/curriculum. If you have any questions, please contact me HERE BEFORE purchasing any item in my store so I can ensure you are satisfied with your purchase.

You will get a ZIP (9MB) file