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Teacher Resources on a Budget

Need some BUDGET FRIENDLY (aka FREE!) Resources to add to your teacher’s toolkit? School is in FULL SWING and the economy is tight!  When you signed your contract to become a teacher, did your contract anywhere state that you have to pay out-of-pocket for teaching materials or resources? Ummm… Probably NOT! Yet, we find ourselves buying engaging teacher resources that reinforces skills we teach in the class AND engage our students in FUN learning!

        This is where I come in…

I have searched the internet, asked my teacher-friends and worked diligently to find the BEST teacher resources that are ENGAGING, FUN, and REINFORCE what you are teaching in the classroom. I hope these help your classroom AND your pocketbook!


Academic Resources (ELA, Math, Science, SS):

·       BoomCards by Boom Learning has digital resources for ALL subjects and topics! BoomCards can be assigned digitally or used in whole group lessons. You can sign up for free OR click HERE for 10% off a membership that allows you to track student learning for progress monitoring! (Note: I may earn a referral prize for a paid membership at NO COST to you, however, you will save 10% on your membership!)

·        CommonLit -  CommonLit is a free collection of reading passages (fiction and non-fiction) for grades 3-12. The passages come with text-dependent questions that can help you track progress. Sign up with your school email address.

·        Sumdog - Geared for ages 5-14, this adaptive learning program even offers multi-player games to strengthen learning in Math, Spelling, and Grammar! (Note: There is a free version and a paid version).

·        SplashLearn -  SplashLearn uses interactive games and rewards to motivate kids in practicing addition, subtraction, mixed operations, geometry and money in grades K-5.

·        Khan Academy – Pre-K to College…..Teachers everywhere accompany lessons with Khan for practice and enrichment. The step-by-step videos are closed captioned for adapted learning. Each lesson has practice questions for mastery.

·        Didax – This is a great “virtual manipulative” website where your students can drag the manipulatives into position and see math concepts come alive!

Kids News / Current Events:

·        DOGONews – Student appropriate news articles in ELA, Science and SS. When you create an account, you have access to original and simplified news options. You can also listen to the articles which makes a terrific option for struggling readers.

·        CNN10 News – CNN10 is a quick 10 minute news show for older students (MS/HS). This is a great way to start a History Class or Morning Meeting for students in Adapted or Transition classes.

Keyboarding / Typing Games:

·        Typetastic: There are over 700 games to teach students how to navigate a keyboard and improve typing skills! This is also a great way to teach letters and numbers!

Financial Literacy:

·        Claim Your Future – Middle School / High School students are given a career, salary and are asked to create a budget. Can they have the house they want? Drive the car they want? Eat our every day?

“Virtual Field-Trips”

·         Amazon Fulfillment Center – Take your students on a field trip and watch how Amazon fulfills your orders!

·        Great Lakes Now – Take your students on a virtual field trip and explore Lake Erie’s coastal wetlands habitat.

Downloadable Activities for the Classroom:

·         Back to School Identify, Cut, Paste, and Trace Money Math Skills $1 - $3

 – Teach your students money skills with these BTS ID, Cut, and Paste Money worksheets.

I hope you enjoy these resources! If you know of any other free resources, be sure to drop a comment below!