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pre-vocational tips special education
Teaching Pre-Vocational Skills Tips
Teaching students to work and live independently can be one of a special education teacher’s greatest challenges AND rewards! For students with disabilities, learning pre-employment skills are critical to increasing independence at home, at school, a...
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sensory needs of students with autism, tips for teachers to help with sensory needs, sensory needs in your classroom
What are Sensory Needs and How Can You Help?
Does your student cover their ears in response to loud noises or pull at clothing that may feel itchy or have a tag in the back? If so, your student may have sensory processing challenges. What is sensory processing and how does it affect some studen...
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Teacher resources on a budget, homeschool resources for free, engaging activities for students on a budget, teaching resources tips and resources for free
Teacher Resources on a Budget
Need some BUDGET FRIENDLY (aka FREE!) Resources to add to your teacher’s toolkit? School is in FULL SWING and the economy is tight!  When you signed your contract to become a teacher, did your contract anywhere stat...
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About Me

HI! I'm Ginger, a crazy cat lady and special education teacher of over 26 years. My love for teaching was not a surprise to those that knew me - I had a mini-classroom full of stuffed animals that I taught as a child!

In all of my adventures from helping run a flower shop to NMT, I always found myself teaching.

When I left the classroom (well, even before that), I found myself wanting to help other teachers teach students things that really matter in life - like Life Skills, Money Skills, Functional Living Skills (High School Autism is my HEART!). When in the classroom, I had to create many of my resources because there was simply not a lot out there that was for students on an alternate curriculum - OR that was age appropriate AND had different levels of learning.

This is where my store comes in.... to share with you the things that my students loved in class. I have started expanding my shop to include Teacher Gear that is "friendly" for all shoppers - whether you are male, female or non-binary --- whether you wear a small or a 3x. I have always been big and HATED having to pay more for larger sizes or not being able to find the "cool teacher shirts" in my size SO I am sharing my cool teacher and fun resources with NO EXTRA COST, no matter the size!

Thank you for joining me on this wonderful journey!



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